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Why is Topsoil Important?

Order Bulk TopsoilTopsoil is the most fertile, valuable, and essential layer of soil that is no deeper than 8-inches and rests on the surface of the subsoil and rock below. Roots are concentrated in the topsoil as it’s where vegetation obtains most of the vital nutrients in soil for plant growth as well as the structure plants need to remain stable and strong. Topsoil is made up of rich humus, minerals, and compost that act as primary nutrients for plants. The better the topsoil, the better the quality of the plants that grow. High-quality topsoil made up of special blend of balanced ingredients that naturally provide the nutrients plants need to grow.

Why do I need to Refresh Topsoil?

Over time the natural topsoil can become stripped and erode due to continuous use and environmental factors such as wind and water. Topsoil erosion disrupts the delicate nutritional balance required by plants to grow healthy and strong. Typically, soil erodes at a faster rate than it can be formed in nature. How long does topsoil take to form? Under natural conditions, it takes roughly 500 years to create an inch of topsoil. This means that it is necessary to add nutrients to soil by frequently refreshing your topsoil to ensure that vital macronutrients and micronutrients for plants are being restored. Adding a layer of rich, high-quality topsoil gives plants the fuel they need to flourish and reach optimal growth.  

topsoil and triple mix

Triple Mix vs Topsoil

At Backwoods Excavating we offer both Triple Mix and topsoil, but they are optimally used in different ways. Our bulk topsoil has nothing added but is sifted through screens to ensure a fine and smooth consistency. Screened topsoil is perfect for using under sod and is a great top dressing for lawns, but is not preferred as primary garden soil. Instead, for gardens, we recommend our triple mix topsoil. So, what is triple mix soil? Backwoods’ triple mix soil is made up of roughly 60% topsoil, 10% well rotted manure, and 30% organic compost. Our triple mix soil is perfect for growing beautiful ornamental gardens, flowers, and roses as well as providing primary nutrients for plants like fruit trees and vegetable. 

Bagged Topsoil vs Bulk Topsoil

bags of topsoil

When existing soil conditions are poor, topsoil can be purchased in either smaller bags or in bulk to refresh nutrients. Several key differences are important to consider when discussing bagged topsoil vs bulk topsoil and deciding on which method is best to suit your needs.

Bagged Topsoil

Topsoil in a bag or bagged topsoil is a manufactured product that is usually a byproduct of the forestry industry. Bagged topsoil is a mined product that has typically been mixed with sand, plant matter, fertilizers, and other additions before being composted. Frequently, a synthetic source of nitrogen has been added to bagged topsoil to aid the composting process. 

Bags of topsoil may be suited to the needs of smaller gardening projects or when the topsoil quality is high and requires only a small amount of additional nutrients be added to the existing topsoil. For larger garden renovation and landscaping, purchasing large quantities of bagged topsoil can become logistically, economically, and environmentally challenging. 
Transporting large amounts of bagged topsoil can be difficult in your personal vehicle  and the cost can quickly become expensive. Topsoil in bags also generates a lots of waste that often ends up in the landfill and contributes to a negative environmental impact.  

Bulk Topsoil

Bulk topsoil is not a manufactured product. Our quality top soil is taken from local areas where it is unwanted, such as construction sites, and collected and stockpiled for use by homeowners and businesses. At Backwoods Excavating, no artificial chemicals are added to our rich, nutrient-dense and locally collected soil which ensures optimal topsoil quality. 

When buying topsoil in bulk, there are several benefits that are not offered by topsoil in a bag. If you buy topsoil in bulk you are able to tackle larger projects in a more convenient and economical way. Purchasing in bulk is the best way to buy the cheapest topsoil per yard and allows you to get your projects finished for less. Buying topsoil in bulk is also more environmentally friendly as it reduces the amount of plastic waste going into landfills.

When you are buying topsoil in bulk from Backwoods Excavating, you are also getting topsoil delivered when you need it, where you need it. It’s fast and easy. No lugging dozens of bags of topsoil from the grocery store or garden store - enjoy the convenience of bulk topsoil next day delivery right to your door and the savings of topsoil prices per cubic yard.